Real names:
Fabien Renda, Sebastian Bosc & Julie Fournier
Live Band
Music style:
Psychedelic World Trance Live Band

Heimya Biography

Heimya (Trance Side)

Heimya Trance Side represents the alternate facet of the electro-acoustic project stemming from the collaboration between Sebastien Bosc, also known as the producer Gnaia, and Fabio Nahele, the talented multi-instrumentalist from the Matibhrama group.

The musical alchemy between these two artists gives rise to a unique sonic experience, skillfully merging their Trance electronic productions with Arab-Andalusian, Latin, rock, and tribal influences.

The result is an auditory kaleidoscope, seamlessly blending traditional and contemporary influences, showcasing a variety of instruments (acoustic and electric guitar, saz, vocals, synthesizers) played live.

Their debut EP, titled "Ritmo Alegria," was unveiled in February 2019. It offers a fusion of psychedelic rhythms with sounds borrowed from world music.

By merging psychedelic Trance with instrumental compositions, Heimya invites the audience to dance while harmonizing energy and melodic sensitivity. The duo explores the boundaries of genres, creating a unique audio journey that exceeds expectations through the diversity of musical influences, providing a captivating and emotional musical trip.

Heimya (Ethnic Organic House / World Music Side)

Heimya is an electro-acoustic project born from the collaboration between Sebastien Bosc, also known as the producer Gnaia, Fabio Nahele, talented multi-instrumentalist from the group Matibhrama, and the enchanting voice of singer Bellule.

Inspired by world music, they merge their electronic productions with traditional and contemporary sounds, accompanied by live-played instruments such as guitars, flutes, Turkish saz, and captivating vocals. Driven by warm and vibrant melodies, supported by catchy rhythms, they invite dancing and embrace musical diversity. Heimya transcends boundaries by offering a unique blend of cultures, sounds and instruments.

In 2020, the group released their first album, "Tropical Travel" under the NBM Record label. This opus skillfully fuses Latin rhythms, the richness of Arab Andalusian music, and electronic sounds from synthesizers. After touring in Europe and Asia with this album, they are currently working on the creation of a new opus, scheduled for release in 2024 under the "Cosmovision Record” label. This new phase in their musical journey aligns with Organic House, Folktronica, and Ethnic Deep House. Don`t miss the opportunity to discover their enchanting and imaginative new performance at upcoming concerts.

Videos, Live & Dj Sets



Fusion Festival (Germany / 2022)
Hadra Festival (France / 2022)
Shankra Festival (Switzerland / 2023)
Own Spirit Festival (Spain / 2023)
Moon Mountain Festival (Thailand / 2020)
Spherica Festival (Austria / 2019)
Son Libre Festival (France / 2021 / 2022 / 2023)
Isis Garden Festival (France / 2021 / 2022 / 2023)
Okami Festival (France / 2022 / 2023)
Harmonic Festival (France / 2018 / 2019)
Château Perché Festival (France / 2022)
Magic Mountain Festival (Thailand / 2020)
Roshani Festival (France / 2019)
World People Festival (France / 2019)
Donoma Festival (France / 2019)
Cosmic Pool (Austria / 2019)
Bahia kep (Cambodia / 2020)
Le Molodoi (France / 2020)
Guinguette petit rhône (France / 2021)
Odyssey Festival (Belgium / 2018)
Planatek Festival (Switzerland / 2018)
Tribal Fairies (France / 2018)
Meditation Garden festival (Belgium / 2019)
Tribal Trance Festival (France / 2018 / 2019)
Psychobydub Festival (France / 2018)
Les colonnes (France / 2019)
Ethnotika Festival (France / 2022)
Rennaissance Intrapersonnelle (France / 2022)
Oréades festival (France / 2019)
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