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Soul Kontakt

Real names:Colin Piscopo
Music style:Psychedelic / Progressive Trance
City:St. Pauls Bay

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In the end of the year 2004 Colin Piscopo and Gilbert Cordina joined together to form Soul Kontakt as a professional Psytrance production project based in Malta. They have been working together as Soul Kontakt ever since, travelling to Brasil in 2006 and to India in 2009, they now produce a strong, intense, clean & distinctive powerful voyage through psychedelic music.

Having released their first track Hypnotized on YSE Records in 2006. They then decided to release for free their Debut Ep Deliverance on Ektoplazm Records in 2008 which thanks to Alexander Basilisk was a complete success with over 13,000 downloads!

In 2010 Colin and Gilbert split, Gilbert formed his new project Interconnekted and Colin continued solo on Soul Kontakt. His first digital EP on BMSS was released in the end of 2010, and he is constantly working on new tracks for his upcoming album.

Soul Kontakt explore different strong worlds of melodies, soundscapes, juicy and dynamic exploding sounds, all built on a powerful beat and an intense psychedelic story. Pure professionally produced quality music for those divine moments of truth.

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Ozora After Party (2011 / Hungary)
Transition Festival (2011 / Spain)
Planet Trance (2010 / Malta)
Earth Garden Festival (2009 / 2011 / Malta)
Tribal (2009 / Malta)
Shamanik (2009 / Malta)