Real names:
Rahul Davis
Live Act
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Full On Psytrance
New Delhi

Protonix Biography

Protonix is a Psychedelic Trance project initiated by Rahul Davis from New Delhi, India. Rahul’s true love for music was ignited at an early age of 16 when he got his hands on DJing. He is known for throwing up energy on the dancefloor performing in various clubs and outdoors. His desire and passion for psychedelic music grew stronger, and he started producing Psytrance music. The urge to get better and more skilled in music pushed Rahul to pursue audio engineering. He started making music in early 2000s and his heart for music build on.

Today there is no stopping Rahul in his endeavour to produce some of the most entangling and groovy bass-lines, mystical and trippy melodies designed to create a powerful and memorable experience on the dancefloor.

In 2021, he signed with BMSS Records and is representing the label in India and beyond.

BMSS releases

Additional info


Magica Festival (India / 2012 - 2019)
Flower Power Festival (India / 2013)
Shalom Festival (India / 2013)
The Experience Festival (Thailand / 2015)
Cokabana Festival (India / 2015)
Parvati Shangrila (India / 2016)
Old School Gathering (India / 2016)
Psynation Festival (India / 2017)
Tribalismo Radio (Greece / 2018)
Freedom Blast Festival (India / 2019)
Hilltop Festival (India / 2020)
Russian New Year (India / 2020)
Currlies Night (India / 2020)
UV Bar Festival (India / 2020)
Psynation Festival (India / 2021)
Waka Waka Nights (India / 2021)
Moon Tribe Gathering (India / 2021)
Sun Gathering Festival (India / 2021)
Terra India Tour (India / 2021)
Prism Festival (India / 2021)
Lost Tribe festival (India / 2021)
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