Real names:
Rahul Davis
Live Act
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Full On Psytrance
New Delhi

Protonix Biography

Protonix, the maestro of sonic enchantment, transcends artistic boundaries as a dynamic force in Psychedelic Trance.

Rahul Davis, originating from New Delhi, embarked on his musical odyssey at the tender age of 16, initially as a DJ who swiftly became a captivating presence on dancefloors, drawing in audiences with his magnetic energy. The early 2000s marked a pivotal turn in Rahul`s journey, transitioning into music production, with Protonix emerging as the canvas for his enthralling bass-lines and mystical melodies.

Beyond the studio, Rahul`s prowess extends to sound engineering, where he has collaborated with notable names in the Indian music scene. Protonix has graced international stages alongside luminaries like Ajja, Avalon, Tristan, Astrix, and Ace Ventura. A notable performance showcased the global resonance of his music. In his hometown, Protonix stands as the most coveted artist, a testament to his magnetic allure and unparalleled skill. Rahul extends his passion through teaching, imparting wisdom to aspiring minds.

Protonix`s journey includes a distinguished position as the artist of choice in his hometown, an acknowledgment of his captivating performances. Rahul Davis, the architect of sonic landscapes, continues to pioneer Psytrance, leaving an indelible mark on global stages and the hearts of those who embark on his cosmic journey.

In 2021, he signed with BMSS Records and is representing the label in India and beyond.

BMSS releases



After Hours Kasol (India / 2023)
Babbles India Tour Party (India / 2023)
Barish 2021 Holy Bash (India / 2022)
Burn in Noise India Tour Delhi Party (India / 2024)
Cokabana Festival (India / 2015)
Cosmic Kasol Christmas Fiesta (India / 2023)
Cosmic Kasol New Year Fiesta (India / 2023)
Cosmic New Moon Gathering (India / 2022)
Currlies Night (India / 2020)
Dream Bubble Valley (India / 2022)
Electric Rainbow Hole Party (India / 2023)
Flower Power Festival (India / 2013)
Freedom Blast Festival (India / 2019)
Great India Gathering (India / 2022)
Hilltop Festival (India / 2020)
Hypnotic Horses (India / 2023)
Indo-Israel Unity Festival (India / 2023)
Infected Mushroom India Tour Delhi Party (India / 2024)
Jajantram Mamantaram (India / 2023)
Jamboree Bamboree (India / 2023)
Jungle Rumble (India / 2023)
Lost Tribe Festival (India / 2021)
Magica Festival (India / 2012 / 2019 / 2022 / 2023)
Monsoon Mandala (India / 2022)
Moon Tribe Gathering (India / 2021)
Mountain Madness Crew (India / 2023)
Old School Gathering (India / 2016)
Parvati Shangrila (India / 2016)
Persiko 2nd Anniversary Party (India / 2023)
Persiko Event (India / 2023)
Persiko in Soho (India / 2023)
Persipower Waka Waka (India / 2021)
Prism Festival (India / 2021)
Protonix India tour (India / 2022)
Psynation Festival (India / 2017 / 2021)
Rosh Hashanah (India / 2022)
Russian New Year (India / 2020)
Scared Moon New Year Party (Thailand / 2022 - 2023)
Shalom Festival (India / 2013)
Shamanic vibes vol 1 party (India / 2022)
Space Trip (India / 2023)
Sun Gathering Festival (India / 2021)
Technical Hitch Night (India / 2022)
Terra India Tour (India / 2021)
Thc Moon Rolling Stoners (Thailand / 2023)
The Experience Festival (Thailand / 2015)
Tribalismo Radio (Greece / 2018)
UV Bar Festival (India / 2020)
Waka Waka Nights (India / 2021)
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