Real names:
Akash Sandhu
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Psychedelic Trance & Forest
New Zealand

Akasha Biography

DJ Akasha is the project of Akash Sandhu, based in the enchanting landscapes of New Zealand. Born and raised in Malaysia, she grew up surrounded by the rhythmic melodies and harmonious cadences of her family`s music-loving heritage.

Akasha`s fascination with electronic music began at the tender age of 12, and it was later in New Zealand that she stumbled upon the captivating realm of psychedelic sounds. Her first encounter with the Dimension crew`s outdoor party left her spellbound and ignited her desire to take control of the decks.

Renowned for her signature style in Night Full On, Akasha`s musical journey naturally gravitated towards the realms of Dark Psy and Forest, where she discovered her love for blending the genres and pushing sonic boundaries.

Having graced numerous stages across New Zealand, Akasha made her entrancing debut at prominent events such as Alien Nation (NZ), Dimension Festival (NZ), and Xmas Moon Mountain, Thailand in the eventful year of 2014. Not long after, she secured her inaugural headline performance and appearance in prestigious events such as Lunar Dreaming 2017, Progression Sessions 2018, and Planet Express 2019 all in Australia, and Bubble Festival 2018 in Malta. Notably, she warmed up the dance floor for Virtual Light at Esoteric Festival 2018.

In the midst of the roaring Covid pandemic in late 2020, Akasha unleashed her very first 10-track compilation titled "True Grit" with signed label BMSS Records. The release features a line-up of esteemed artists, including Braincell, Martian Arts, Tron, Architekt, Lucid Mantra, Justin Chaos, U-Grid (Prohecht & Noise Gust), Entasis, Asimilon, Junky Monkey & Kundalini.

Akasha`s natural inclination leads her to explore the darker realms of Psytrance, gravitating towards captivating leads harmoniously fused with powerful bass lines. Each track she selects bears her unique touch, evoking open-mindedness and inviting listeners to embark on a euphoric journey of self-discovery.

BMSS releases



The Experience New Year Festival (Thailand / 2019 - 2020)
Matriarchy VS Patriarchy (New Zealand / 2019)
Trancevaders presents Legohead (New Zealand / 2019)
Planet Express (Australia / 2019)
Forest Antics (New Zealand / 2019)
Sunday Session Matriarchy (New Zealand / 2019)
Lost in Paradise Festival (New Zealand / 2019)
A Spaced Out Odyssey (New Zealand / 2019)
Dimension Festival (New Zealand / 2019)
Impossible Objects (New Zealand / 2018)
Phat Productions Weekend Safari (New Zealand / 2018)
Golden ORB Dreamweaver (Australia / 2018)
Higher Recordings Label Party (Australia / 2018)
Silent Disco Headphone Launch (New Zealand / 2018)
Esoteric Festival (Australia / 2018)
Dimension Festival (New Zealand / 2018)
Aum New Years Festival (New Zealand / 2017-2018)
Trancevaders Christmas Bash (New Zealand / 2017)
Trance Traders (New Zealand / 2017)
Weekend Safari (New Zealand / 2017)
The Bubble Festival (Malta / 2017)
Rehab (Inflation Club) (Australia / 2017)
Lunar Dreaming (Australia / 2017)
Weekend Safari (New Zealand / 2017)
Dimension Festival (New Zealand / 2017)
Solar Kattay (New Zealand / 2017)
Forest Antics (New Zealand /2016)
Ocean Beats (New Zealand / 2016)
Weekend Safari (New Zealand / 2016)
Trancevaders Boat Party (New Zealand / 2016)
Alien Nation (New Zealand / 2014)
Moon Mountain Boat Party (Thailand / 2014)
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