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Real names:Akash Sandhu
Style:Sun and Moon
Music style:Mind-tripping Psytrance
Country:New Zealand

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Akasha in Sanskrit means the first element of creation, the substratum or very basic form of sound.

Akasha began listening to electronic music at the age of 12 thanks to the influences from her brother, and completely fell in love. She discovered the Psytrance scene after moving to New Zealand and found herself awestruck by the full-on psychedelic sound she experienced at her first outdoor party by "Phat Productions" at Madagascar. Akasha discovered what she was looking for.

At the time she had no vision of herself as a DJ although her pathway to finding her journey was supported by her natural discoveries and unique taste in electronic music. Before Djing, she was known as the girl to control the music at house parties. Now Akasha has played at countless gigs in New Zealand and made her debut gig at Alien Nation (NZ), Dimension Festival (NZ), Xmas Moon Mountain (Thailand) in 2014, and landed her very first headline not long after in the Melbourne scene including Lunar Dreaming Festival 2017 and Esoteric Festival 2018 (AUS), and in Europe, Bubble Festival 2018 (Malta).

Akasha"s musical style is dark and energetic with groovy melodies and an element of futuristic Psychedelica. Her tracks are carefully selected with a personal reminiscing touch, which she enjoys sharing with the rest of the Psy world. In the end of 2019 she joined BMSS Records, representing the label in New Zealand and all over Oceania.

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The Experience New Year Festival (Thailand / 2019 - 2020)
Matriarchy VS Patriarchy (New Zealand / 2019)
Trancevaders presents Legohead (New Zealand / 2019)
Planet Express (Australia / 2019)
Forest Antics (New Zealand / 2019)
Sunday Session Matriarchy (New Zealand / 2019)
Lost in Paradise Festival (New Zealand / 2019)
A Spaced Out Odyssey (New Zealand / 2019)
Dimension Festival (New Zealand / 2019)
Impossible Objects (New Zealand / 2018)
Phat Productions Weekend Safari (New Zealand / 2018)
Golden ORB Dreamweaver (Australia / 2018)
Higher Recordings Label Party (Australia / 2018)
Silent Disco Headphone Launch (New Zealand / 2018)
Esoteric Festival (Australia / 2018)
Dimension Festival (New Zealand / 2018)
Aum New Years Festival (New Zealand / 2017-2018)
Trancevaders Christmas Bash (New Zealand / 2017)
Trance Traders (New Zealand / 2017)
Weekend Safari (New Zealand / 2017)
The Bubble Festival (Malta / 2017)
Rehab (Inflation Club) (Australia / 2017)
Lunar Dreaming (Australia / 2017)
Weekend Safari (New Zealand / 2017)
Dimension Festival (New Zealand / 2017)
Solar Kattay (New Zealand / 2017)
Forest Antics (New Zealand /2016)
Ocean Beats (New Zealand / 2016)
Weekend Safari (New Zealand / 2016)
Trancevaders Boat Party (New Zealand / 2016)
Alien Nation (New Zealand / 2014)
Moon Mountain Boat Party (Thailand / 2014)