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Atoned Splendor

Real names:Peter Donaldson
Type:Live Act
Music style:Funky Psychedelic Trance
Country:China & UK
City:Kunming & London

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BMSS releases

Various Artists
Return to the Source: Part 2

CD and Digital | BMSS2CD023
Various Artists
Trancendance: Denouement

CD and Digital | BMSS009CD


Atoned Splendor has been on a mission to psychedelify The Middle Kingdom since he arrived here on a galactic star ship from the Alpha Omega quadrant in 2009.

The High Council of Consciousness gave him a wave of psychedelic sound resonating from the center of the universe and charged him with the super serious and highly responsible job of spreading as much cutting edge bouncy bass and super elastic sounds around as possible. In order to balance the vibrational Ying and Yang into a resonating Yong, and thus help humanity realize that they need to get back to the primordial cadence of psychedelic harmony!

The effects of his galactic mission can already been seen with huge numbers of people cutting lose the shackles and pressures of life, and releasing themselves body and soul into his galactic healing psychedelic sound waves!

If you are having trouble sleeping at night, or can’t quite seem to forget about the pointless of your existence, DON’T WORRY, all you need to do is to dissolve into one of Atoned Splendor’s supersonic beats and everything will be ok in the morning!

For more information on life, the universe and everything please contact yourself, for everything else just melt into one of Atoned Splendor`s psychedelic sound waves!

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TIP Parties (UK / 2003-2007)
Valentrance (Thailand / 2018)
Synesthesia (Germany / 2018)
Strawberry Fest (China / 2014)
Moon Mountain (Thailand / 2018)
Belantara Festival (Malaysia / 2018)
O.Z.O.R.A. Festival (Hungary / 2014)
Flying Rhino Parties (UK / 2001-2002)
Eclipse Festival (Easter Islands / 2010)
Spirit Tribe Festival (China / 2009-2019)
Lost In Paradise Festival (Thailand / 2016)
GoaProductions Parties (China / 2009-2019)