Somuna 2012 (Marbach, Switzerland)

The Somuna Festival trys to be a bit free from musical scenes and styles. The roots of the Somuna Festival are in the GoaTrance, PsyTrance movement, but with it"s very different properties and concept the Somuna Festival aims to extend itself to a mere psychedelic event. Musically there will still a majority of electronic music be played, however the music will be complemented by psychedelic music from all possible genres.

The Somuna Festival tries to be a Festival of creation not consumption. The guests have various possibilities to express their own creativity and to be part of the festival. Through the focus on the substantial and the creativity an atmosphere is being created that also allows children to share the experience.

Nature, People and Music are in the center and as few distraction as possible is being provided. This is why the Somuna Festival limits itself to one dancefloor and decoration made from natural material only.

As far that is possible with loud music the Somuna Festival tries to be one with all its surrounding. It is being organized under respect of all regulations and in complete consensus with all concerned. At the festival garbage is being seperated, the bar uses compostable cups and the electricity is not being produced by diesel but comes from the local network and is being produced mostly by water.

This years Line Up included artists such as Hipi, Kollegoli, Donat, Man with no Name, Shamane, Oleg, Terrafractyl, Oxya, Sephira, Wabi, Boom Shankar, Sensual Squeak, Prometheus, Heterogenesis, Hypnagog, Yade, Suduaya, Hypnocoustics, Cosmosis and Interconnekted.

A huge amounts of bands such as Orange, U.R.I.N.I.M.U., Ecosphere Project, Freedom Cafe or Almerim were responsible for giving the festival a very special and organic touch.

Somuna is in our opinion what this scene was once about, but what is mostly forgotten nowaday: Peace - Love - Unity - Respect. Peace of the mind, peace between all taking part, love shining through the music, visible in all the faces of the participants, Unity of all who took part, no matter if on the stage, on the dancefloor or behind the scenes, Respect towards Nature, towards oneself and respect towards all others...

We are deeply thankful for this experience dear Somuna family!

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