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Our latest release: Hujaboy - Aftermath

 Hujaboy returns to BMSS Records with a fresh output from his studio.

Aftermath perfectly show-casts Nir`s approach to Psychedelic Trance: a strong rhythm section is topped by multiple psychedelic layers, swirling Acid sounds and a demanding groove, spiced up by a strong effects section and his latest cutting edge sonic tweaks, making this single a must have for all movers and groovers!


01: Hujaboy - Aftermath

Mastering: Hujaboy

Release date:

20.03.17 via Beatport (Digital)

Solar.United.Natives: Summer Gathering 2017

 Dear S.U.N. family, friends and beyond,

We invite you for a family gathering in a fabulous location, where we can dance together barefoot on the sand in the sunshine, where we can get closer to Nature, ourselves, thus to each other.

However, our non-profit organization can not take any risks, so the event could only take place if enough people would be interested - according to our calculations this means 1.000 tickets. Therefore a 60-day campaign was launched with OneTicket, where tickets can be reserved. Early Birds are just € 55 - so you should hurry up! Tickets are available here!

Important: If we do not reach the desired amount of interest, then everyone gets back the full price of the ticket and the Summer Gathering will be held as a private "members-only" event. For more program details watch this space and our website!

Entrance to S.U.N. Members is FREE! See YOU in the S.U.N.shine!

Exolon from Portugal joins BMSS Records

 It is our great pleasure to announce that Exolon joined us, representing BMSS Records all over Portugal and beyond!

Some background info: Exolon is Pedro Matias aka Dj Fluxo, one of the pioneer Psytrance artists from Portugal.

He has been active since 1998 on the electronic psychedelic scene. Co-founder of the Quest4Goa collective and co-creator of more then a decade of parties and festivals in Portugal, he is also part of other musical projects such as Chilled C`Quence, Uasca and Photonik.

During his journey he had the pleasure to play some of his projects in amazing festivals and parties such as Boom Festival, Hadra, Al Andalluz, Dream Gathering, Sonica among others.

A long path of dedication and love for psychedelic trance music allowed forces to be gathered to materialize the sonic representation of Fluxo dancefloor vision: Exolon.

Have a look to his artist page on BMSS Records for more info and stay tuned as we are about to launch Exolon`s debut EP in the coming month plus there will be some free Promo downloads available soon.

We are glad you joined us Pedro!

VA / Trancefusion: Chapter 2 (By Boom Shankar)

 Painstakingly curated over a year from a motley crew of genre bending masters skilled in the art of sonic wizardry, Boom Shankar and BMSS Records bring you Chapter 2 of Trancefusion.

These 11 tracks redraw the lines without losing sight of what is important to dancefloors. Split over two chapters, all 22 tracks defy categorical trends, yet fuse seamlessly, transporting the listener from technodelic progressions to Progressive Trance, to Retro Goa Trance remixes and on to peak time Psychedelic Trance.

Some highlights from Chapter 2 include a remix of the classic Atmos track "The only Process" by Captain Hook, a remix of Etnica & Pleiadians by Imaginarium with the former remixing "Simulated Reality" by Boom Shankar and Soul Kontakt. Sabretooth`s remix of Cosmosis and Spirit Architect featuring Try2Fly stand alongside these legends with outstanding work of their own.

Always striving for the perfect balance between eclecticism and fundamentals, Trancefusion Chapter 2 is an innovative reinterpretation of a genre that is uninhibited, expressive, deep and definitively Psychedelic.

13.02.17 via Beatport (Digital) & 16.02.17 via Psyshop (CD)

VA / Trancefusion: Chapter 1 (By Boom Shankar)

 With his trademark ability to pick dancefloor hits that test the limits of style and genre, Boom Shankar`s latest offering on BMSS Records pushes forward with new twists, fresh approaches and unusual directions! Trancefusion Chapter 1 expertly engineered over the course of a year, is his 7th CD compilation and also his label`s 20th CD release. Reinvented hypnotic classics stand alongside funky intriguing, innovative projects that blur boundaries without losing the quintessence of Psychedelic and Trance.

Some highlights from Chapter 1 include a technodelic funkster from the elusive Electrypnose, Yudhisthira"s new progressive project Aumni, tracks from our Israeli friends Hujaboy, ShivaTree and Mystic, a stellar collaboration between Datacult and Dark Nebula as well as the mind-bending sounds of Reversed Logic and PsiloCybian.

Quintessential and compelling, Trancefusion is a surprising voyage into Psychedelic Trance that stays true to the underground spirit. An unusual retelling of that familiar and beloved sound. Uninhibited, expressive, deep and definitively Psychedelic.

06.02.17 via Beatport and Psyshop

We welcome DJ Siklay from Israel!

 We are very happy to announce, that Dj Siklay from Israel joined us, representing BMSS Records in Tel Aviv and all over Israel!

DJ Siklay is a Tel-Aviv based psychedelic and progressive trance DJ, club owner, and event producer. Starting off to building some of the most successful party lines in Israel, Siklay grew from deep within the local trance scene.

Having years of experience working with some of the biggest local and international DJs, and deeply understanding the crowd’s rhythm and energy, Erez developed his own unique sound.

Check his artist page on BMSS Records for all info, some of his sets and some sweet videos.

Welcome on board Erez!

VA / Subspace by Takttrauma is out now!

 Takttrauma`s debut compilation refuses to compromise. "Subspace" is an explosive selection of tracks that define energy, pacing, varying landscapes and textures. Developed over a 12 month period and inspired by collective experiences and connections made over his ten year career, the result is a symbiosis of nature and technology.

Organic, synthetic, digital, analog, this compilation takes you on a spontaneous trancendental journey. These seismic tracks are a seamless flow of nighttime energy and day time joy. Escape from your urban cage into a wilderness of groovy crackling sounds that defy space and time. Swirling sounds and clarion calls from the Psychedelic forest will magnetize any open air dance floor.

Reawaken your primal energies. Return to the primeval forest. Reconnect with your inner child.

16.01.17 via Bandcamp and Beatport and Psyshop

Micasphere - Spherical Wave [Dj Set]

Micasphere, magnetized by the euphoric process of forging a unity between the music and the audience wandered from Psytrance to Techno and back again. Her style of music is fast driving and melodic, partially progressive but also coming close to Full On and Psytrance. It is music engineered to make you »Close your eyes and learn to fly!«

Boom Shankar: 5 hours live in New York City

 "2016 was a great year for me and it ended with a total blast at Midnight Madness in New York City on NYE. Fortunately enough, the promoter recorded the whole set and I am very happy to share it with you.

I am known for playing extended sets, but it`s the first time ever that I can upload a 5 hour marathon set to Soundcloud. This is the raw, direct output of the mixer, no polishing and no edits, as live as life can be :)

Thank you all for your endless support and I hope you enjoy the set as much as I did playing it!"

[Boom Shankar, January 2017]

Panoramix: Panorama in the mix by Alexsoph

Enjoy our latest compilation `Panorama` featuring Solar Spectrum, Elegy, Vertex, By the Rain, Psyground, H-Sunrise, Keemiyo, Mind Lab, Tat and Datacult mixed by the compiler Dj Alexsoph from BMSS Germany.

Free download - happy holidays!

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