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Mat Mushroom

Real names:Matthias van den Nieuwendijk
Type:DJ, Chillout/Alternative DJ
Music style:Positive Psytrance & Dance ChillOut

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Mat Mushroom, founder and driving force of the mushroom magazine, already started his DJ career in the beginning of the 90s, still in the early days of Techno. He played through the times of vinyl, then mixed with cds and, comparatively very early, began to use the revolutionary opportunities of the digital DJ.

Starting from this time a mix by Mat is no mere sequence of different tracks any longer. The set is assembled from single components and every track becomes a remix of its own.

Mat: "It just got too boring to simply select the tracks, to mix transitions. I wanted more! I wanted fun and action again. I wanted to be able to manipulate the music. I wanted to play with sound."

Finally with progressing technology this became possible: whether beatjump, different cue points, the playing of samples or many great effects which morph the sound, let groove, hash or let lay on other tracks all subtle - Mat is constantly fine-tuning, remixing, hopping within the track. Now this sounds more like a live act. But there is still more. Many live acts but push the play button of their sequencer software for their performance and only have a controlled "live act" from beginning to end.

Mat Mushroom through his specific manner of DJ-ing can intervene much more creatively in the sound. With various specialized controllers he can exploit his mix to the utmost of the technically feasible. One new control element Mat Mushroom has assembled all by himself: With a light-saber he manipulates the sound and plays samples. Despite these manifold technological possibilities the focus on the right track selection does not suffer.

Mat plays Positive Psytrance fine-tuned depending on the mood of the crowd because the party is on the dance floor ! Additionally he has a strong liking of Chill Out and often play on two floors at a party. When he explore the deep ambient worlds he play soft Downbeat with different cultural influences around 100 BPM.

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